“Mark Paul is our “go to” expert for all things Apple related.  He’s an invaluable resource to our office—always reliable, knowledgeable, friendly and easy to contact.  He makes our lives so much easier.”

William Gorin
Office of Bruce Karatz
Beverly Hills


“Mark Paul is the paradigm of the perfect computer consultant for everything “Apple”.  He’s incredibly experienced and knowledgeable and has that hard to find  ability to take a complex machine and show you how to master it as well as how to make you computer savvy yourself!”

Bill Wilson, Esq.
West Hollywood


“Customer Service, Offerings, Other, Quality, Timeliness. Mark is Fantastic!

I started my day with 188,000 lost emails from Cox Cable & ended the day with very substantial data recovery, despite the fact that Cox used the imap to literally pull the backed up data from the time machine out of my computer! Mark, helped me get my head above water today! Mark made a really big difference in my life!!”

Julie Larson Boyd
San Juan Capistrano


“Do you dread going to the Apple store? Until I found Mark Paul I would carry around my non functioning iPhone or iPad for weeks putting off the inevitable! He is the best, either in person or with remote assistance. Thanks Mark for all you do!”

Hillary Ridland
EquiSports International


“Mark Paul has been a real life saver for me! Not only is he very knowledgeable and competent ..he is dedicated and punctual!  Bottom line. ..he knows his stuff!  What a gem to find someone like Mark Paul..my MAC go to tech guy. Thank you thank you Mark Paul!  I have confidence in him because he is not only knowledgeable, he is honest and kind. ”

Kristine Zarate R.N.


“Mark is not only the quintessential expert for any technology related need, but also has a knack for communicating complex ideas in simple language. He has a diverse skill set, a warm demeanor, and an impeccable work ethic. Highly recommend!”

Martin Cremer
Los Angeles


“Mark Paul is my go-to Apple expert who is totally reliable, always available and entirely trustworthy. He’s a genuinely good guy who is the antidote to your Apple troubles and frustration.  I highly recommend him without reservation!”

Michael P. Reilly
South Pasadena


“Mark Paul is my Apple genius! Whether it was a planned appointment or a last-minute emergency, Mark has always come through and solved any Apple issues that I’ve had. Definitely a valuable asset in anyone’s contact list.”

Marc Guerra
Legacy Concierge


“Mark Paul is a true pro. He is attentive and always makes time for me and whatever issue I’m experiencing. He always solves the problem and talks to me in terms that make things simple. With all that said he is one of the kindest and caring people I have ever worked with.”

Giamatti Family
Santa Barbara


“Mark Paul is my Apple guru.  Over the years, he has unraveled issues large and small in all my Apple devices.   He has been an invaluable asset to me, always able to identify issues and explain them to me in a salient way.  There has never been a problem that he couldn’t handle.  I don’t know what I would do without him!”

Karen Glass


“Mark Paul is hands down the best Apple consultant. We have been using his service for 5 years and have always been very pleased with his patience, knowledge, professionalism and profound intelligence with IT and Apple related products. He has helped us with anything from digital photo storage and hardrives to iPhone and iMac issues. We highly recommend Mark Paul to anyone needing technological assistance. We feel so blessed to have him as our Apple consultant!”

Tim and Danni Sams
Long Beach


“Mark is professional, easy to work with, and always helpful in sorting out my latest IT freakout.  He is my ‘go-to guy’ for all things Apple.”

Jim Hefner
La Verne


“Mark Paul managed to make sense of a complicated wireless mess in our Santa Monica home involving router issues with Frontier Communications.   He was patient and thorough and he stayed at it until he got the job done. I can’t recommend him more highly! ”

Michael London
Santa Monica


“I have known Mark Paul for 8 years as my Apple 🍎 consultant.  He is the consummate professional, has always taken the time to guide & instruct me with any questions I may have, and has always solved my software & hardware problems.”

Pat Walker


“Mark Paul was very helpful when installing shared software for our office and also holding a mini lecture to all our employees about working with MAC computers.  His vast knowledge of computers and computer networking helped us tremendously!”

Marcus Eliasson
Property Manager
Olive Hill Group
Downtown Los Angeles


“Mark Paul has been our IT Consultant for the passed 7 years. Mark is a  competent professional with a positive attitude, great work ethics, problem solver. He explains things clearly  with  patience, always on time for appointments, accessible 24/7 .   I wish all IT consultants especially were like Mark.”

Gilbert and Catherine Gluck
Corona Del Mar


“Mark saved me hours cleaning up and organizing my computer.  He showed me key features that I actually use. I’ve buried the hatchet with my computer, and we’re actually speaking to each other again”

Matt Dearborn
Fast Layne