Welcome to your Your Apple Consultant. I’m Mark Paul, founder of your Apple Consultant Inc. We have over 25 years experience working in technology and with devices made by Apple including Macs (iMac, MacPro, MacBook Pro, MacBook, Mac Book Air, and the Mac Mini), iPads, iPhones, iPods, Apple TV, Apple Watches,  and the now obsolete Apple Printers and even Newton.  Your Apple Consultant is an Information Technology Consulting and Support firm for individuals, families, and small to mid-sized businesses.

We specialize in providing onsite / remote on-demand IT services, including network & system administration, data backup & recovery, server setup & maintenance, as well as tutoring. Our services include general technology consulting to create more effective ways to run your life and business using specific applications, social media, Sonos, Smart home interface, web development, as well as the Internet of things.  Our goal is to make our clients productive and aid them in growing their business. We offer professional assistance to clients for Mac / Apple Products as well as Windows in Southern California including Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and Northern San Diego County.

Our mission at Your Apple Consultant is to resolve client issues in a swift and efficient manner and make your technology work for you. We see your technology as a tool that can be used to improve your everyday life and business.


We look at Apple products as a doorway to your imagination, a tool to help you be more creative and productive throughout your day at home or in the office. Our Apple Technology Consultants are skilled professionals that specialize in breaking the traditional “computer geek” stereotypes by explaining to clients in simple language the nuts and bolts of the issue on your Mac Computer or Apple Product. We take the time to listen to your needs, respond quickly and professionally while educating you about your Apple Products.


We understand what it takes to run a business. You want you to be productive. You want to be creative. We want to aid you in growing your business. Your Apple Consultant is focused on helping you achieve your goals. Whether it is setting up new computers, syncing your iPhone to the iCloud, or managing your current infrastructure, we’re committed in helping you do whatever you want to do.  We make your technology work for you.

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